122517 Nathan Olsen Holiday Card

A little about me

As a child on a family vacation, Olsen began his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship with a windup Kodak in his hands. What started as a pile of developed picture books ultimately advanced into a steady curiosity for photography. Recruited as a photographer for his high school journalism department, Olsen quickly became program budget manager, where he further developed his portfolio and personal photography business, Olsen Photography. Olsen’s commitment to the department launched his perception economically about products and the industry.

At times working as a light and sound contractor for the Gretna Public School district and full time Assistant Athletic Photographer for the Nebraska Athletic Department while attending college at UNL. Olsen dedicated several hours to networking and building a reputation as an up and coming creative professional and entrepreneur.

From standing on the sidelines with a 400mm lens Canon 1DX in 100-degree weather shooting division one football to developing alum narratives, Olsen has aided in creating a new atmosphere and respect for the Nebraska Athletic Department and began to dip his feet into the pool of professional photography.

Olsen’s natural drive has led to a successful career as a photographer. Olsen’s work has been featured in many publications for Universities and Network Providers including, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Lincoln Journal Star, Omaha World Herald, The University of Michigan, Michigan State, UMass Lowell, The BigTen Network, FoxSports.com and Heisman.com. His enthusiasm for this lifelong passion that has quickly turned into a self-motivated profession.

The game changed when Olsen partnered with H&H Lawns & Landscape to assist in promoting their family owned business. On top of being a full-time photographer, Olsen became General Manager of H&H Lawns & Landscape where he has earned the opportunity of building a relationship with the owners, while further growing their business using his creative and professional expertise. Olsen oversaw all advertising, marketing, hiring, information technology, photography, videography and community outreach programs. Olsen has since stepped down at H&H Lawn & Landscape but still continues to aid the company.

Transitioning from H&H Lawn & Landscape, Olsen is now Chief Operating Officer and partner for a up and coming media startup in the heart of downtown Lincoln, Athlete Nation. Athlete Nation is a sports media company whose mission is to spark a change in perspective through the power of stories in sports. With four full time staff and a team of ambitious interns, Athlete Nation is evolving at a very rapid pace.

Olsen has always been an individual motivated by simplicity and the support of those around him. Inspiration is a thing of nature for Olsen; an aspect of life that alters itself. Creativity is a moment of greatness and a strong talent that comes naturally. Olsen has always been one to push his limits. The development of Creative Olsen as a creative organization is a long time coming. Creative Olsen as a creative organization is the future of Olsen himself; an opportunity to assist his community and local business owners with further establishing their brands.

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