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A little about me

I begin with a quote from an innovator, businessman and philanthropist Steve Jobs. “In order to do great work, you need to do what you love”. To you, these words may mean little to next to nothing, but soon part of the puzzle about myself will come together to support these words. I’m Nate Olsen; I’m a entrepreneur, photographer and student. 

Being a entrepreneur let alone a photographer in today's world is risky, fun filled adrenaline rush adventure that has about as many speed bumps as a neighborhood and more high-speed laps around a racetrack than a human can handle. I love business, I love connecting and working with people in providing creative solutions either for their home or business. Nothing beats it.

Previously, I use to work as the Assistant Athletic Photographer for the Nebraska Athletic Department. I would photograph every sporting event, banquet, charity, fundraiser, awareness cause and life skills event associated with the A.D. I was also responsible for the smooth migration of our photo library to Libris by Photoshelter. I collaborated with possible vendors to see which would allow our department to access the thousands of photos for their sport and the brand as a whole.

Along with working for the Huskers, my work has been featured for Universities and Network Providers; Sports Illustrated, ESPN (online and magazine), Lincoln Journal Star, Omaha World Herald, The University of Michigan, Michigan State, UMass Lowell, BigTen.org, FoxSports.com, and Heisman.com.  

On top of being a full time photographer, I also help run a local lawn care and landscape company, H&H Lawn and Landscape. I've had the privilege of building a relationship with the owners, Mark and Tim Hauptman to help grow there business using  my creative and professional expertise. I oversee all advertising, marketing, community outreach programs, information technology, photography and videography. It is a great position and greatly compliments my life.

My puzzle is now complete: as I put the pieces together, I’m a entrepreneur, photographer and student. The wise Steve Jobs stressed that In order to do great work, you need to do what you love. I love what I do; and I want to one day make a difference in this world. Being stuck in the old grind is not my style; I strive to keep my work fresh and energized. I want to use every one of the 86,400 seconds in a day so that I don’t miss one single moment as a entrepreneur, photographer and student.

Featured Professional Video

The video I created documenting myself during a Husker Men's Basketball game was picked up by multiple photo and video blogs around the world. Kinda cool!!!

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